Accelerating sustainable technology through cost-effective recycling

Our technologies focus on end-of-life battery logistics and the recovery of critical energy materials.

Recycling lithium-ion batteries is
difficult, costly, and dangerous


Laborious and hazardous disassembly is often required for discharge processes.


Shipping damaged batteries is expensive, tedious, and demands extensive requirements.

Material Recovery

Many processes today produce harmful emissions and require continuous chemical feedstock.

Our approach utilizes the best of mining and electro-chemical processes combined with battery expertise for the future of worthwhile battery recycling

Introducing Redi-Shred™

A novel approach to battery logistics that decreases the risk of human injury and hazmat overhead costs (conceptual render).

Batteries are rapidly frozen to be shredded safely.
Frozen batteries are shredded into fine pieces.
Latent potential energy is dissipated before storage.
Material is transported to a recycling facility.

A scalable model to alleviate future demand

By developing a nationwide fleet of trucks, we are preparing for the vast amount of waste expected to be produced by 2030.

1M+ tons
of electric vehicle and grid storage batteries

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