Protecting Spaces, Neutralizing Batteries, and Enhancing Recycling

Our technologies focus on end-of-life battery logistics and the recovery of critical energy materials.

Redivivus safely transforms lithium-ion battery hazards in recycling feedstock


We eliminate the laborious and hazardous disassembly with the ability to neutralize batteries from a wide range of applications.


Shipping neutralized battery material is cheaper and safer than transporting damaged, defective, or recalled batteries.

Material Recovery

Our adaptable material seamlessly integrates with various recycling processes, ensuring resilience as the industry evolves.

We address recycling challenges with battery and operational expertise to strategically guide batteries to their optimal recycling destinations

Redi-Shred® neutralizes batteries at any state of charge or health

A novel approach to battery logistics that decreases the risk of human injury and hazmat overhead costs (conceptual render).

Batteries are cryogenically frozen to be shredded safely.
Sorted by chemistry, batteries are shredded into fine pieces.
Latent potential energy is dissipated in a neutralization system.
Material is transported to be recycled safely and cost-effectively.

A growing need for hazardous battery removal

We are preparing to neutralize the vast amount of battery waste that has already cost insurance companies billions of dollars in property damage.

Over 20 million tons
of battery waste expected by 2030 in the USA

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We're gearing up to build our first commercial facility
in Los Angeles, CA.

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