Battery Recycling with Innovative Solutions

Our technologies focus on processing and recovery of materials.

Redivivus provides
battery recycling technology


Our technology eliminates laborious disassembly with the ability to neutralize batteries in any state of charge or health.


Shipping our neutralized battery material or logistics with our technology is cheaper and safer than alternative methods.

Material Recovery

Our adaptable material seamlessly integrates with various recycling processes, ensuring resilience as the industry evolves.

We address recycling challenges with battery and operational expertise to strategically guide batteries to their optimal recycling destinations

Redi-Shred® neutralizes batteries at any state of charge or health to enable material recovery

A technological approach to battery processing that decreases operational costs and risks.

Batteries are cryogenically frozen to be shredded safely.
Sorted by chemistry, batteries are shredded into fine pieces.
Latent potential energy is dissipated.
Shredded material is transported safely and in a lower hazmat class.

We enable a partnership network to deploy battery recycling technology

Our technology elevates the ability to handle the increasing battery waste.
This is crucial for scaling the circular economy and is achieved through our strategic partnerships across the value chain.

Tons of battery waste
Your facility. Our technology.

Partner with us

OEMs: Need a solution for your customer base or redirect your battery recycling?
Hazmat Management: Want to grow your battery recycling revenue?
Battery Handlers: Looking for a scientifically principaled safe way to transport batteries?
Recyclers: Require shreds for black mass?

We're operating pilots at our test facility and gearing up to build our Center of Excellence in Los Angeles, CA, to expand commercial operations with our partners.

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